Friday, August 01, 2008

20 years later... in NJ...

You look like your mom, that's what I said to Serene, when we met again in Newark on that colorful evening after a lapse of twenty years. She was just a kid in her teen when we came to know her. She and our daughter Lin was in the same school when I was working in the state of Sarawak, that enchanting and mystic state on the island of Borneo. Her dad and me was close friend and continue to keep in touch after I return to Peninsular Malaysia. I serve Sarawak for three and a half years [1986/89]. As I had often mentioned to others serving Sarawak was the best part of my career with many great memories. I did enjoy every minutes of my time there and this includes the close friendship of the Patrick's family.

We had always wanted to meet her since our daughter Lin told us of the chance encounter with her at the Newark Airport a year ago. In fact the Patrick's family had always been in our heart. Whenever her dad and me talk on the phone the question of how's the kids were doing was always in the conversation. So in a way this meeting her after a lapse of twenty years was indeed a dream come true for Asmah and me. That evening this gorgeous lady in mid thirty looks so radiant and happy. She introduce us to her other half, a tall and handsome man who also hail form Kuching. The chemistry was perfect and we all interact as thought the lapse of twenty years was not there at all. It was love vibrating all over, like the atmosphere of a coming home affair of the family.

She had decided to meet us when told that we would be at Newark on our return journey to KL and invited us to dinner at a Spanish restaurant in the heart of Newark. In real life, things happen and in this case a reunion that brought back great memories of our good time knowing their parents. With such a wonderful couple and sumptuous food what else would we ask for more? Indeed a wonderfully colorful evening in Newark. As usual in a situation like this time was not on our side, it just passes by in a fast forward mode, as story after story were narrated in that short spans of time.

I believe that when memories are set in gold in your heart meeting like this would surely take place. It is only a matter of time and in this case in place that none of us could ever imagine, and it did happen in a faraway land, on the other side of the globe, in Newark, New Jersey. US. Folks the evening was indeed a great reunion of the hearts.

Serene, Adrian; Auntie Asmah, Lin and me did have a great time that evening. Thanks.

Folks do have a nice day.


KotaStar said...

Sdr Idrus,
Thought u were in US still and reading yr latest input it is clear that you have touched home. Selamat kembali and do rest without going into the politics of the day otherwise you may be ....

Thanks for the recollections of yr itinaries while in US. I would love to visit St Antonio for sure.

Pak Idrus said...

kotastar, thanks for the visit and the kind words on my return home for the US.

Well, as for the Malaysian political scene, I have decided not to read/watch the MSM. I am glad that you enjoy my posting regarding my trip to various places in the US. We did enjoy those visit and I shall continue to write of those places that I had visited and as yet to post it.

Have a nice day and take care.