Saturday, June 04, 2005

Living environment..

I had not been blogging regularly lately, the reasons being that my daily life schedule have been somewhat disrupt because of a small renovation works being done to upgrade one of the bathroom...I guess there are no end in improving one's living space as we journey on with life...I believe that if we are to continue enjoying life, we have to continue to live in a changing environment, thus the upgrading of one of the bathroom, making its to look different then before...The bathroom is a very important space in the home since we spend a considerable numbers of hours in it every days in our life...It is part of us now. So for us to enjoy the time we spend in this little cubes, we must find the means and ways to enhance the quality of our live, thus the renovation and redecoration of the bathroom became real important...For live would be dull indeed if we keep seeing the same scene days in days out, throughout our life..So the change to our living space to me is very important indeed...It is these changes that would enhance our quality of life, thus continue to add color to our live as we proceed on our journey of life, making it more beautiful as we proceed on... Doing a renovation works in a home that you live is no joke, because many things happen when the works began, like the old tiles had to be hack out and this my dear friends is a jobs that would introduce noise and dust pollution to your living environment. So as not to disturb the other part of the home, this part where the renovation is in progress had to be closed off...That mean it would be no more our living space for a while....I believe that for the contractor to do a good job they had to be given the freedom to works...That means without us the home owner budding in all the times while they work...Doing that would not create a good working environment to those people...Remember when we renovate and redecorates,it means some elements of the Arts are being put into practice...For these workers are in a way artisans and they must be give due respect if we want the job done properly....During a time where skill artisans are not easy to get,we just have to take chance when we get contractor to do the job, for it is not just a simple job...Actually it is a sorts of the works of Arts.. So for the first few days and hours I had to spend times to talk and see for myself works being done and once I am confident that these workers could do the job well, then I can sleep with a peace of mind...Because of this renovation works our daily ritual are disrupt, not only that we had to live in another part of the house but the dust that had accumulate all days had to be cleared and this all begin after the contractor leaves after their daily works....For this my spouse and me had to start cleaning the house as soon they left...It is not that simple....So we had to sweat out for hours to get that parts of the living space clean again for the day...So for the last few days the daily ritual of our live have change a little....That is why my blogging had not been regular...I am dead tired after getting the place in order after the contractor finish his day's works.... That my friends is the reality of life itself.... Interesting Eh!!!

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