Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well it has been a great week, the weather had been good, it rain sometime and then sunshine with clear blue sky...Remember this is the tropic...It is hot and humid all the days...I guess that is one reason the Asian seem to be younger then their age.. True most European when told of our age, thought that we are joking, we all look young then our counter part of the same age that come from the temperate zone...So in a way the humid weather is a plus point for folks that live in this part of the world....In Malaysia for example life expectancy have risen pass seventy, but then most of them look younger for their age...Folks please be careful with this statement, do let the brain rule rather then your heart...For what the heart want sometime the physical body just would not be able to carry on...So do take your age into consideration when making any decision, remember looking younger then your age does not mean you are not that old....Like any things that are old, it aged with time. One thing that I know for sure is that it brought wisdom...For both of us, with our children have grown up, we are taking life easy and doing things that we both love to do, like interior decoration, travel and shopping...So with all the time in the world, with a good pension that we enjoyed, we often travel either inward and overseas, to see as much of the country and the world when our body still could takes to traveling...My spouse love to shop, so shopping at the Mall is one of our past time....With the city booming and became just like those cities in the west, everything could be got at the shopping Mall here, like at the KLCC, the One Utama, the IKANO, the Curve, the Time square, so shopping have been a great pleasure...Just last week two other couples and Us went out together to have breakfast at a great Mamak [Indian Moslem] food court at Melawati...It is call the NZ...It has a large screen showing projected movie in the evening and on weekends the whole food courts were crowded with people having breakfast with their families in one spot...The food spreads includes, the famous Roti Canai, Tosei, Brayani [mutton, Beef and Chicken] and additional spices fish curry cooked the mamak style and of course all that goes well with the Malaysian special, the Teh Tarik [Hot steamy tea mixed with condensed milk]...It taste real good with those spread of breakfast....We the three couples, decided to start the day at this food court, so we met there and sat to enjoy our spread of that breakfast...We enjoy our breakfast, interplay with joke and small talk...Looking around I saw hundreds of people of all age groups merrily having their weekend breakfast at this joint...I never new there are that numbers of people having their breakfast outside their home...I guess it is a new way of life for city folks nowadays..After the breakfast one of the couple, whose home is just nearby invited us to visit their house for a while before we proceed on our adventure of the day...Well, with all the time in the world, we accepted their invitation and went for a short visit to the house, we sat at the lounge and met their daughter and son and then sat to chat along on subjects that pop up from time to time....As usual folks like us just yarn along..Careless of the time...And then we decided to proceed to IKEA at Damansara Mutiara [this place is once known as Sungei Pencala] The name Damansara have more commercial value then Sungai Pencala, thus this place is rename as Damansara Mutiara...The New IKEA is at its own building having move out of One Utama...This IKEA is the biggest in this part of the world, outside China...We decided to drive in two cars with me taking the lead, I took the elevated highway and proceed to the newly complete Sprint highway toward Damansara, passing through two toll gates, one at the elevated highway and the either at the Sprint Highway...The weather continue to be good and the traffic was not that bad too..It flows...After a while we arrived at IKEA, drove straight to the parking lots below the IKEA complex...There were ample parking spaces at both level One and Two...We decided to park our cars at the first level and then move on to makes our way at this huge mall..IKEA..Both the other couples had never before being to this new IKEA complex, so to them it is indeed a new adventure and are as excited to venture on...As for my spouse and me, we love this place and have being here quite often, although it is about twenty five kilometer away from our home in Ampang Jaya...A great place to shops, getting ideas for interior decoration and enjoying the Swedish Foods, i.e. those Hotdogs and Meat balls and other delicious Swedish spreads...And of course those specially brewed coffee, drink all you could by paying just for a cup..One interesting about this shopping mall is that it is divided into two section, the first part on the upper level is the demonstration venue, where all the products for sale are cleverly displayed to win over the visitors/consumers...We went to the upper level for our adventure of the day but before that we decided to organized ourselves first, lest we got lost in the thousand of shoppers in this huge mall...Technology was with us, voila... The cell phone came in handy...With that we may browse freely as we like and meet again at some place using our cell phone for contact...Without the cell phone we would all have to tack along all the way, not to get lost...Since the cell phone became an extension of us human, it has made living more flexible and productive...With that we start to explore the wonder of modern living, everything on display seem to be great and how we wish we could buy all and take home to redo the whole home setting..But then it would be just impossible...For live does not work that way...We feast our eyes with all those things so well displayed by those Malaysian and Swedish professionals and move on and on. Everything under the sun are there on this floor...Soon we began to part company and are on our own to look and admire all those beautiful things that are designed by the Swede and made in all parts of the world....A truly capitalist system at works...By lunch time we met again at the far end of the upper level and decided to stop at the huge Swede food courts of a sorts, strategically place before the step that would take you to the Market Place below, where you could do all your purchases.....We found a table and went to que for food...And then sat down to enjoy the spreads that makes up of Fish and Chips, Meat Balls, Salmon Fish and some cold drinks and of course the coffee...In between someone would throw a few jokes that make everyone laugh, so loud that the others nearby look at us with curiosity, what's those crazy old folks are laughing about...Well it is fun to share those old jokes that are still clear in our mind...Just like the old days where we joke in between drinks at the bar...After a while we decided to get to the Market Place down stair and look for things to buy home, it is always like that at IKEA, one never fail to get something .... We browse along those array and array of things that ' you could live without it' but then it is these beautiful works of arts that makes life colorful and interesting, so in a way to get a better quality of life, you have eventually live with all those things that are all over this market place for the taking, soon your cart would be full of all those 'junks' and happily you proceed on and before you knew it, there in front of you a small coffee shop with light refreshment and snacks... The smell of brewed coffee makes me stop and together we got a table and sat to enjoy the break, a coffee/tea break of a sorts...And to makes things easy for everyone there is also the wash room nearby, spot clean as usual...Those people that designed this Market Place are real smart in that they thoughts of everything to delay you getting to the check out counter.....We took the rest to gain energy after the long walk, chat lightly, then move forward to do more browsing and after more then an hours, we got to the Cashier counter, there were a huge crowd there, que up to pay for the 'damage done'....We did just that and guess what!...Just on the other side of the Cashier counter, set another snack bar for refreshment and snacks..And a small shop that sells ready to eat biscuit, chocolate, Cheese etc made in Sweden...Well the smell of coffee again..Just could not stop me from sitting down for another round of drinking and eating...We que up again and order the Curry puff and the usual coffee,tea and enjoy the special Curry puff that only IKEA did that good, really...It is real special...With that we end our adventure of the day...Well satisfied and enjoyable....

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