Saturday, April 16, 2005

I did not blog yesterday, it is like that some time, anyway I was in cyberspace as usual and read a number of blogs and came across a blog by a young lady lawyer...She had this small Kancil car and she took it on the highway and drove it fast, faster then the speed limit of one hundred and ten kilometers per hour and she say she is as yet satisfied with the performance of this little car...I just could not understand the attitude of this lady, first she broke the speed limit and being a lawyer she should know the law better, then most of us and then she was driving this Kancil, a small Japanese care adapted by Malaysian and assemble by a local company and gave it a local brand name, Kancil, a mouse deer...And I believe this car was made for the city only and not for highway, it has a small capacity engine....Since this lady lover to drive fast I suggest that she get a BMW or a Honda or a Toyota that had the right engine to suit her driving need and moreover it is safer then the little Kancil on the highway.... As I write this an email arrived from my dear friend in the UK...Thanking me for sending him the Malay movie Sepet...To me this film is among the best produce in this country so far, it is a truly Malaysian movie...A tale of everyday life in a multi cultural Malaysia... Once in a while we get such good local Movie and for those that has yet to see this movie, do take the trouble to get the VCD and watch it in the comfort of your home...Actually I send it as a surprise to my friend in the UK, for I love to do just that from time to time. Making the life of everyone more interesting...A surprise always add color to the daily ritual of real life happening...Friends have a nice day

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