Friday, September 26, 2014

Nasi Lemak....

Malaysian enjoys eating and the eating culture in this country is 24/7. Among the favourite is Nasi Lemak; one of the Malaysian specialities. It is served from breakfast time through lunch to Dinner. It is a traditional Malay kampong food that had stood with times and continues to be as popular today. It is not only made for home consumption but can be found in stalls and restaurants. It is also served at buffet at major hotels.  In some restaurant one can order al a carte and be served in various styles. There are also the simple one that is wrapped in Banana leave or put in plastic containers and sold at stalls and restaurant.  In whatever way presented it is still as tasty and nutritious. It is a simple food of rice cooked in coconut milk and served with its own special sauce [sambal]. It is eaten with boiled egg, sliced cucumber, crisp fried anchovy [ikan bilis] and fry peanuts; a nutritious combination indeed.  Above is a home made Nasi Lemak that my spouse prepared from time to time for the family and everyone love it. Last week when we went for a picnic at a friend's country home in Serendah she decided to prepare it for everyone at the brunch that Sunday. Everyone loved it. 

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