Saturday, May 04, 2013

Of Cobbler Amirul from Penang...

For the last three days last week I kept going back to the GE Mall at Jalan Ampang to see the on-going Art and Craft Sale and Exhibition there. On arrival I notice the foyer of the mall was full of stalls selling all kind of handicraft from the one made by the OA [Aborigine] to the latest technique in Batik making, Ceramic jewellery, leather works and other crafts handmade by artisan from all over the country.

On the first day I went to just have a look without any intention of buying. Did a round of the exhibition and eventually stop at a stall manned by a young cobbler. It was interesting to see the young artisan doing his job on cowhide. He sells sandals and belts made of real cowhide which he had crafted himself. I ask him where he gets his supply of hide. He says that he got it from Pakistan and Medan in Indonesia. The next day I went there again and took along my branded leather belt which I had it cut and shorten a few years ago when I lost weight. I had since regain my normal weight and found that I could hardly use that belt; one of my favourite leather belt. I ask the cobbler Amirul as to whether he could find a way to lengthen it back to the original length. He said that he could but at that time did not have any extra material to do the extension. I ask him to try and left the belt with him while I went to have coffee at the Starbucks nearby. I whilst my time surfing the Net there and enjoy my coffee. I soon forgot about the belt and take my time in cyberspace. After an hour I decided to see whether the cobbler had found a solution to my belt. I was surprised that he did and it’s done.  With his expertise on leather and ingenuity he had extended my belt to the original length. He has done a creative job with it including polishing the whole belt giving it a new look just like a new one. I took a look and like it. Indeed very happy with the workmanship. I then paid him and went home happy.

At home I thought of doing an article on the activities of craftsman like him for my Blog and at the same time was thinking of asking the cobbler to take a look at my old leather sandals, a favourite shoe of mine to see whether he could replace the worn-out parts with a new layer of soft leader.  So wearing those sandals I again went to the Mall. On arrival at the ground floor of the mall I spend the first few hours taking picture of the exhibition for my article and then went to see the cobbler again. I sat on one of the chair and showed him my sandals while asking him whether he could repair or replaced the worn-out leather.  He said that he could and that it would take more than two hours to get the job done. I told him it would all right with me but I did not bring a spare sandal to wear while he repairs mine. He said not to worry while handing me a spare sandal to wear while he repair mine. I then hand him both my sandals.

Wearing the spare sandal went to have coffee at the Starbucks nearby. I got myself an end table sandwiched between three youth. I soon found that the one in front of me is a young doctor and the other two both students. Soon we got into talking on various subjects that comes to our minds. As usual when we are on a chat times passes by fast indeed. I look at my watch and found that I had been there more than an hour already. I decided to just go and have a look at what has happen to my sandals. I notice that one is ready and the cobbler is dong the other pair. I tried and found it well done and felt the comfort. I then move on to continue my coffee at another place at Starbucks and surfing the Net as well, without realising that I am wearing one of my own sandals on one foot and the borrowed one on the other.  After a while I went back to see whether my sandals are ready and saw him polishing one of it. He told me that I am wearing different sandals on both feet. I was surprised that I did that and just laugh it off. He says he wanted to have the other sandal to polish it as well. I sat there and watch him put a finishing touch to both my sandals. When all are done my old sandals now look new and it does make me happy.  I then paid him for a job well done and move on wearing my 'new' pair of sandals. Indeed an interesting and productive week at the mall.

Have a nice day.

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Aziela said...

A skillfull young businessman. It's hard to find one like him nowadays.

Pak Idrus said...

Aziela, thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the subject of this posting.

Yes it not that easy to get a cobbler to do a good job like this one I found at the exhibition that day at the GE Mall. I am glad that He did a good job of repairing my belt and sandal.

Have a nice day.