Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Simple yet Elegant Wedding reception...

It was a beautiful Saturday on the last week of December 2012. A friend had invited us to a reception of their son's wedding at TTDI.  To avoid the traffic jam at Ampang Jaya which happened on every Friday and Saturday we decided to leave early. The invitation was from 12 - to 4 PM. TTDI a housing estate is on the other side of the city. Without the traffic jam the fastest we could get there would be half an hour. It might take longer since we did not really know the location of the reception. So without much ado I drove the Honda and got into the MRR2 and then took the DUKE Highway toward Damansara, the route that I normally take to get to Ikea. I had Google the route and found that without the traffic jam I could easily locate the place where this reception is held. With Asmah acting as my navigator and using the GPS we soon arrived in the vicinity of TTDI. As usual in an unfamiliar territory one has to start looking for the right approach to the place. We overpassed the junction and make a U turn. Soon we were on the right road and eventually arrived at the Community Hall of TTDI where this Wedding reception is been held. I ask some folks at the entrance and was told that it is indeed the right reception that I had been invited. There are occasion where one get to a wedding reception and found it been held by someone else that you do not know. 

Happy with the almost smooth drive I parked my car and then went into the hall and met the host and other friends. They had decided to group those of us who had served in the state of Sarawak together at a table reserved for BERKESAN. BERKESAN is an association of officers from Peninsular Malaysia [Malaya] serving in the state of Sarawak. We were sort of an expatriate officers serving in the eastern Malaysian state. We made ourselves comfortable at the table and chat with friends who soon arrived. It was a buffet and there laid on the table are array of sumptuous dishes to accompany the Biayni, one of my favourite. We went to take our food and sit to enjoy it. Soon the Bride and Bridegroom arrived and went up to the dais to enjoy their food as well. 

The interior decoration was well done and I like the concept. Later on I found out that the whole interior decoration in the hall was the creative works of Khaty [ the lady in blue in the image on the left] a spouse of one of our friends who served together with us in the state of Sarawak. It seems she did catering for food too. Today's sumptuous food was organised by her with a special cook brought from the southern state of Johor which is famous for its Biayni. 

Soon more of our friends arrived and we continue to chat like old times. Well folks it is in an occasion like this that we get to meet old friends from time to time and we are happy to get to meet them this time. On the left in the blue traditional Malay dress is the host Taufik.

Images in this posting shows Khaty's cool concept of the wedding hall's Deco, befitting that of the culture of the young couple Haneef and Nor Liyana who had tied their knot on this auspicious day December 29.  2012. 

Have a nice day.


Al-Manar said...

Did you say 'a simple .... wedding'? In my part of the world it is fit for the king.
Selamat tahun baru

Pak Idrus said...

Al-Manar, Thanks for the visit.

Well I was just comparing it with those weddings held at the Felda Perdana and in the five stars hotels in KL that we had attended before. Although it was grand with all the pomp and splendour it does not have the warmth like this one that we had just attended at the Community Centre at the TTDI. It was just a simple building and yet it was done very well indeed. Creating an atmosphere of elegant without having to spend more had it been done in those five stars locations.

Have a nice day.