Monday, September 10, 2012

Enjoying my personal space...

Thursday 6th September was a gorgeous day. With the weather looking great I decided to go out to while my time. I ask my spouse whether she want to go out but she say no. So without much-ado I drove the Honda to the KLCC parking lot at the basement and went up to wander in the Suria Mall. It was just around eleven in the morning and the mall was already crowded with folks enjoy themselves in this first world environment. 

Before going my way I posted a message on Facebook saying that I am here and would love to meet friends who happen to be here. I then went to enjoy my personal space in the mall the way I like best; window shops or just sit to enjoy a cup of coffee. While I was browsing at one of the shops looking at new attires I received a call from a friend who say that she is in the mall and is now having lunch at the Signature food court. I told her to go ahead and enjoy her meal and that I would drop by later. After finishing my browsing in the MS shop I took the lift to level two and met the Blogger/Facebook friend enjoying her meal. I then join her with a bowl of Ipoh Noodle. As usual with blogger we sat to chat while enjoying our meals. Since she had another appointment we parted after finishing our meals.  I then continue to while my personal space in the Mall. Just I was about to walk a few step at Level one I notice a person that I think look like an old office colleague that I have not met for a long time. Soon memories came flooding to my mind and I remember who that person is. I approached him and we hug and then he look at me with an inquiring glance; asking me who am I. Then I realized that he could not recognize me. I then told him my name and in that instance like me his memory became clear. He was indeed happy to meet me and we then stand there and chat on subject that just came to our minds. I invited him for a drink but he decline saying that he had an errand to do and had to leave now. With that we parted after exchanging our telephone number. I continue to wander along enjoying widow shops along the way. On the left is an image of the Kino Coffee Club.

I then went to the Kinokuniya bookstore upstairs and browse along. Bought two books and then went to the Kino Coffee Club to enjoy my coffee while Facebooking and reading the book that I just bought. I notice that the cafe had been renovated and look better and brighter than before. I just take my time on Facebook and enjoy the coffee. It is not always one get to enjoy one personal space in an atmosphere of tranquility like this. Shopping was not in my mind at that moment in time and I was just enjoying the time as it move on. As usual when one is enjoying times passes by fast indeed. Hardly I know it, it was almost five in the evening. I then decided to get home. It was indeed a wonderful day whiling my personal space here at the Suria KLCC today. On the left is part of the Kinokuniya bookstore as seen from the Coffee Club.

Have a nice day.

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