Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Greens and Life on Planet earth....

Above is a patch of the plants in my little garden. Even without the flowers it does makes me happy to watch it grows. I have always love nature. During my childhood I would wander in the bushes around the house and wonder along enjoying nature at its best. And as I grow up, with friends in the Scout Movement I would go camping in the woods. At that tender age I was just enjoying what nature had to offer without understanding its role on the survival of the species on earth.  With the education I got I began to realize the plant is an important specie if not the most important specie on planet earth. Without it all the other species would perish. How come one might ask? Well the answer is simple. All species on planet earth need energy to survive and that energy come from the sun. All species except the plants could not convert the energy from the sun for consumption like converting it into food and oxygen the species needs to survive on this planet. Plant is the only specie that could convert the energy from the sun into food which then could be consumed by the other species in order to survive on planet earth. That is the scheme of things on planet earth. Without that special role of the plant there would be no life on planet earth. So folks do give due respect to this humble specie, the Plant. Without it all species including us could not continue to survive on this planet.  

Have a nice day.

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