Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Beautiful Lunch...

Howard Yamaguchi and I became friend since we got to know each other through blogging some years ago. During his last visit to Malaysia we met in person and had lunch and then went for a spin of the city in my Honda.  I had blog on that happening here. And today at this lunch I got the opportunity to meet his spouse Patricia for the first time whereas Asmah got to meet both of them for the first time as well. The last time I met Howard, Asmah could not made it so this lunch was sort of our  first get-together.

In an atmosphere of friendship in the cozy ambiance of Madam Kwan's restaurant in KLCC we had a traditional Malay lunch of simple Malay dishes. The Howard are used to taking Malay foods since both of them have live in the country before. They both were Peace Corp volunteers in Kelantan in the early seventies. Thus 'Tumis Petai' and 'Kangkong Goreng Belacan' which was among the dishes ordered was something they had yearned for and got to enjoy it today in this posh restaurant setting. 

We set to enjoy the lunch and chat along. In the process I soon found that Patricia and I had many mutual friends. Every names popup during the conversation brought back memories of my years in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. It was just like meeting old friend refreshing events of the past. Funny though that although that this was our first meeting yet every names and happening mentioned during the chat seem to be like the happening of old times that are still fresh in my memory. Soon memories began to flood back of the great times with our mutual friends that made us laugh at the mere mentioned of some incidents that crosses our minds. It was like meeting an old friends and now exchanging notes of past happening where both of us were players of sort in some episodes in the whole schemes of things on our journey of life. It was fun to be able to talk so freely of acquaintances that comes into our lives in the course of our career in the days gone by. 

We end the lunch with the traditional desserts of 'Cendol and Sago Manis' with a promise to meet again. Folks it was indeed a beautiful lunch with beautiful people in our lives. Asmah and I did enjoy the lunch. Thanks Howard and Patricia for making our day. 

Have a nice day.

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