Monday, November 23, 2009

Of Baby Fern and little flowers...

It has been raining all weeks and the sun is hardly seen. Rainclouds are everywhere I look and soon when the time comes it would pour for hours. In a way it is good for it kept the weather cool. I had wanted to spend some time doing photography especially on Macro Photography and thought that this would be as good a time to do just that. In photography lighting is very important, too much or too little is not good. So with the cool weather and the moderate light I took the opportunity to do some photography. To me the perfect time to do photography now is before the rain start again which normally happen after noon.

Last week I dwelt in the world of the insect, the Ants. So for today I thought that I would concentrate on those little flowers and plants that are in abundant in my little garden. Just before noon I took my camera and using the macro lens went out to take images of the plants and flowers that are in my little garden and at our daughter's house nearby. With the experiences that I had acquired since using the macro lens I venture further into Macro Photography. This time taking my time by taking as many shot of each objects. With that in mind I am beginning to seem more in the little flowers or buds as I move along with my camera. Amazing what one see through the macro lens as one narrow one thought into the micro world of the plant and insect. Indeed a fascinating sight that could not be seen through the naked eyes.

My adventure with my camera was indeed exciting and in doing so I began to learn more about taking good images using the macro lens. The trip into the micro world actually takes my mind off the real world and am enjoying every moments in that wonderful world where so many things are happening in a multitude of colors. Back from the peace and tranquility of the micro world I felt fresh and somewhat enlighten. The more I see the more appreciative I became of nature and its role in our Eco system. These encounter would made you love nature more then ever and truly respect what nature had to offer for our well being. Folks here are some of the result of that adventure as seen through the macro lens. I did enjoy my little adventure into the micro world of the plants and hope that you too are enjoying the images here. Have a nice day.[Please click to enlarge, for some of the image you have to click twice to enlarge further]


ngasobahseliman said...

Salam ziarah.Alhamdulilah, saya seronok melihat gambar-gambar dalam posts yang tertara dalam blog Pak Idrus.Terutamanya yang mempaparkan keindahan alam ciptaan Allah, our Creator and Sustainer.Semua ciptaanNYA tiada yang sia-sia, masyaAllah. Semoga dengan kemahiran macro photography yang Allah kurnia pada Pak Idrus, saya dapat menumpang munafaatnya.TQ.

~CovertOperations78~ said...

Salam, Pak Idrus! Such evocative photos. I can almost feel the chill and dampness in the air as I scrolled through your photos. The rain is playing havoc with my little yard. It is now a mud-and-weed patch and my compost heap is now a Snail Farm. Ugh! Have a great week, Pak Idrus and Makcik!

Pak Idrus said...

ngasobahseliman, thanks for the visit and the good words on this posting.

I am glad that you are enjoying those images. To me it was really fun to photograph those things of beautify that are aplenty in nature.

I am still learning the way of Macro Photography and I am not rushing into it since I have plenty of time on my side. Been in the golden age is fun for there are nothing to worry about. Moreover time is now mine and I could enjoy it whenever and however I like it. And doing Macro Photography need patience and times. So in a way it made me enjoy taking time as its goes.

When we are young we have not patience and always want to rush thing but now it is different, with all the time available we do not have to rush in doing things.

Everything that I did now is for pure enjoyment. I am glad that my little adventure in the micro world this time did gives others enjoyment too.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

~Covert_Operations'78~, Ee lynn thanks for the visit and the good words on the subject of this posting.

I am indeed glad that you enjoy those images. The flowers in the images are very small indeed and rather difficult to capture but I did manage a few good shots.

Yes, the rain does create problem to the plants too and the flowers would not last long as it usually does. Anyway I have always love the rain and the freshness that comes with it. It always remind me of my childhood in Kuantan especially during the monsoon.

Hey! that snail farm of yours could be a good spot to do some photography of nature in action. And that give me an idea for my next Macro Photography project; those snails and worms. Interesting Eh!

Have a nice day.