Sunday, January 11, 2009

The mystic of the sea...

On a slow walk along the beach in front of our condo in Malacca a few weeks ago I chance on this piece of shell lying there on the beach sand. So innocent, white and beautiful against the backdrop of the gray grain of the sands. That scene of the white shell was so fresh and undisturbed, for a moment in time I just wonder and day dreams of the great time we have had on our journey of life. To me it was just majestic and beautiful. That shell could have been washed by the repeat bashing of the wave. The smell of the sea was good and it makes me felt fresh. I have always enjoy the sea and that smell that only the sea could give. That salty humid taste when it gets into you mouth. It is where our species once start lives on this blue planet of ours.

When I was a kid growing up in the forties in Kuantan I would hike to the beach with friends and spend our time swimming and playing around on the beach. The sands on the beach on the east coast is golden whereas on the west coast it is a bit gray. This is because on the east coast the shore is bash by the vast China Sea whereas on the west coast the sea is narrow; the narrow strait of Malacca where thousand of ships ply it everyday thus the shore is not as golden as the one on the east coast. Anyway it is still that shore with those fine grain of sand. Gray it maybe but it is still fine and clean, always giving the beach that clean look. A great place to walk with bare feet and play with the sea water as it rush up the shore every time the wave bashed the shore. For million of years the ritual has been that way, keeping the shore clean and never the same. For us to enjoy for eternity.

That day in Malacca it was evening and the sun was just going down. It was while playing along the edge of the water that I saw that shell. I sat down and took a closer look while the wave bashed the beach. I aimed my camera and took a few snap and voila! it came out alright. Happy I am sharing it here with all to enjoy and perhaps contemplate!!. For the treasures of nature are in abundant everywhere if only we care to look. Have a nice day.


louis said...

Hi Idrus,

Perhaps it was your mention of the grayish color of the sand that made me look closer at it. And an association began to form in my mind which led me to shrink my window until only the sand, just above the shells, was visible. The association then became clearer: this could be a picture of the cratered surface of the moon :)

Try it and see.

Pak Idrus said...

Louis, Thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on this posting.

I am indeed glad that this piece of image did trigger your thoughts to run wild and in this case got you to the moon. How lovely that that both of us see the same things right here on good earth.

Well at this age we do have the luxury to explore to the limit of our imaginations and enjoying it.

Have a nice day and take care.


salam pak idrus,

I've been to bidara puteri few times attending training and agree that the scenery from the room (facing the sea) is fantastic. The "makan" area across the road serve good selection of foods.


mamadou said...

Assalamu'alaikum Pak Idrus

Beach and sea are somethings would provide me with tranquility.


Pak Idrus said...

JALAN REBUNG, Rizal thanks for the visit and sharing your thoughts on the Bidara Putri Melaka Resort.

My condo is facing the sea on the second floor and I always enjoy the sunset whenever I am there. The beach in front of the resort is clean but not really suitable for a swim. Anyway it is a great place to take a walk in the early morning and the evening.

As for the food, like you said there are plenty of choice and it is just like sitting in Bali while enjoying dinner as the sun made its disappearing act in the evening.

Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

mamadou, thanks for the visit and sharing your experiences of beach and the sea. Agreed it is always a fascinating place to be and enjoy the day. Peace and tranquility always.

Have a nice day.

Covert_Operations'78 said...

Salam Pak Idrus,

Such beautiful photos and sentiments! The sea fascinates us because it signifies a world of possibilities to us. It is so wide open yet mysterious, so calming to look at yet so full of perils. I love the sea as you do. Growing up, we would visit my grandparents in Kuala Terengganu every year. Grandma lived by the beach, and everything -- the shorebirds, the waves, the fishing vessels, the sea breeze, the crabs and other little creatures -- was just so much more awesome than anything we could have in the city.


Pak Idrus said...

Covert_Operations'78, thanks for the visit and the greeting as well as sharing your thoughts on the wonder of the sea.

Like you I love the sea and its surrounding. When I was growing up in Kuantan, at that time a small town flank by the Kuantan river on one side that the China Sea just a distance away, the coastal area was a great place to play around and enjoy the wonder of nature, the thousand of small crabs was a wonder by itself and at time I would watch it for hours. Of course the sea at Telok Cempedak was a great place to swim, camp and watch the dolphin that come to shore during certain time of the year, yes the dolphin!!. I wonder what has happen to it now.

At time we would be invaded by the King Crab [Belangkas] and we would take a few and roast it and enjoy that yellow eggs for lunch. Well, so many thing to remember of the good old days and indeed nostalgic.

Have a nice day.