Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cempedak Goreng..

Well, I not translating the title of this posting for a simple reason that I am not sure of what Cempedak is in English. Moreover the mystic of this enchanting tropical fruits would be lost in translation, just like this traditional Pantun of ours ' Buah Cempedak diluar pagar, ambil galah tolong jolokkan. Saya budak baru belajar, kalau salah tolong tunjukan' . Anyway it simply say that I am a kid just learning and if I am wrong do correct me.. So Cempedak is Cempedak to me. It is one of those tropical fruits that come once a year when it is in season. You would know it when this fruit is around. You would surely not missed it. Like the Durian, it is that smell that attract us to it. Unlike the Durian which has a very strong aroma, the Cempedak has a very soothing sweet aroma. It is that unique smell that you would fell in love with. I believe it is because of the smell of this fruit that made it so special. Otherwise you would not take a second look of this fruit in the market. It is a fruit that you do not really enjoy eating it raw. It is a fruit that you have to deep fried it to get the flavour out. If you done it right, which is rather simple, Voila!! you get to enjoy the taste of one of the heaven of fruit. You not only get to enjoy the fruit but the smell as well. That sweet and smooth smell that only Cempedak gives. No other tropical fruit give such an exotic smell. So what are you waiting for, go get this Cempedak, which is in season now and get going and Have fun...


phyzhoe said...

The smell came out from cempedak goreng very attractive. Just drop by and taste it and you will missed cempedak goreng

Pak Idrus said...

phyzhoe, thanks for the visit. I am glad that you enjoy Cempedak goreng. Have a nice day.

Theta said...

Cempedak goreng is a STRONG favourite!
Thanks for this sumptuous posting ;)

anasalwa said...

I have to go to Ming Supermarket downtown this morning. Last night when I talked to my sister Kak N, she told me they had goreng chempedak and now you had goreng chempedak.
Macam petunjuk pulak....Selamat Berbuka Puasa.

Pak Idrus said...

theta, thanks for the visit and the kind words. Happy that you too love Cempedak goreng. Have a nice day.

Pak Idrus said...

ana, thanks for the visit. Well it look like we all were thinking on the same plane, a sort of another wave length that get across message of like minded people. The Cempedak goreng images get bounced back and forth across continents and there your are now crave for the same wonderful tropical fruit, the Cempedak. Have a nice day.

Rahman said...

Pak Idrus

Just visiting. Enjoyed your blog.

I have to say that I disagree with your statement on "It is a fruit that you do not really enjoy eating it raw." I for one can eat the whole fruit raw. It is really delicious raw. NOthing wrong with the fried ones - I love that too.

YOu also missed mentioning that the seed of cempedak is delicious to eat too. Boil it until it is soft, then masak lemak cili api - add some anchovies as perencah too.

Lovely. You should give it a try.



Pak Idrus said...

rahman, thanks for the visit and comments on the fruit Cempedak. Yes, I know the seed is great for cooking or just eaten like that after boiling. I think Malaysian could made more money by exporting the seed, since the seed is just like the Macadamia nut that fetch good price on the international Market.

As for eating it raw I do like it as well but I found that the kids do not really taken to like it. Well different people have different taste.

Recently I found some Sentol while in Malacca. I introduce it to my grandchildren and eventually it is only me that enjoy the fruits. Well life is like that. Have a nice day.

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