Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yet another day .....

Wake up to a beautiful Sunday morning with the sun shining bright through the window.. Sunday had always been special. It is a day of rest for most people on the planet..Surely there are people who works on Sunday. Well someone had to keep the world going, for without these good people life would be at a standstill on Sunday or on Holidays.. When I was working I do works on days of rest like Saturday and Sunday or on Friday where it is their official holiday especially in those states on the east coast.. At that period of my working life I enjoy working and do not matter working on my days of rest. For to meet people I could only meet them when they are not working, especially on Saturday or Sunday or in the evening when most people are not working. I was then working with young people, to get them organized into Youth Clubs and then get them into activities for their benefit and the society at large. It was a sorts of a social engineering programs..

The main idea of this government programs with the youth is to harnessed their potential for the country's development.. Remember that youth could be a liability or asset as well.. So the country choose to harnessed these million of youth and channel their valuable energies into asset for the country...This is one reason why Malaysia had managed to be one of the most developed nation in this part of the world in such a short period of time.. We made our youth an asset, thus its contributes as a great human resources for the development of the country...In countries where Youth with all its energies had become liabilities, one could see it do no good to the country. It was the pioneering program in the early part of our independence that we from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports developed and organized. Like any social engineering programs it is not that easy to see the success in one generation but as we Malaysian could see now after been an independent country for almost fifty years, the hard works we all put in this social engineering program do became successful. So now we see that the youth who are now in their forties are taking over the leaderships in all fields of the country developments, thus the success you see now in Malaysia.

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