Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A rather confusing ......

On this particular day at the usual place that we socialized, a friend that I had known for a long time decided to talk a little about another friend of ours... I shall call him Mr.A... He Mr.A start with a sort of a question!!.... Do you know that Mr.C and Mr.B are both brother..Mr.C been the elder brother of Mr.B.... I said I do not know, since Mr.C is not a regular at this place where we frequent..As for Mr.B, I know him well and we used to exchange notes of common interest from time to time... My friend Mr.A continue with his story....Today both Mr.B and Mr.C were present and they sat apart from each other, some distance from both of us.. Mr.A continue saying that Do you know that Mr.C is also the father in law of Mr.B ?....This got me confused!!...For a while I am totally lost, Mr.B's brother Mr.C is also his father in law?...How come?, where is the catch here!!...I was just wondering and still confused....I know the spouse of Mr.B, a charming lady indeed but I know very little of their extended family....Here I am amazed as well confused with the story told by my friend Mr.A...It actually take further explanations from him before I got it!!...Soon the confusion is settled...And now I understood that Mr.B and Mr.C are brother, Mr.C been the elder of them and that Mr.C is also his brother Mr.B's Father in Law....Are you still confused ? .. Well it did confused me in the beginning and it confused others as well when I told others of the two brothers....So friends if you are confused, you are not alone...I supposed if you give some serious thoughts you would find the connection here...I would just leave this just like that.........Have fun...And take care..

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