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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Krishen Jit..

The demise of a great man, Krishen Jit, a great son of Malaysia...A truly personal friend that I shall miss...I first came to know this man when I was appointed as the Director of Development & Promotion of Culture, in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in the early eighties..During that period I work closely with this man, who is a genius in the performance art.I always find this man a great lover of the theater, He was then a lecturer at the University of Malaya and yet he spend all his free time in this field...Running around and organizing things that are related to theater...In a major project that we organized...The Mustika Malaysia sponsored by the Genting group he works tiredly to organized the Asean theater aspect of the festival that was held in Genting Highland. And in this particular time that I have had to work days and nights and sometime travel together to Asean capital to invited personally the theater group to participate...We had to go ourselves to meet theater figures for this festival because doing the normal way would not achieve the desired result we wanted...So off we went to Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore and Manila... Talking with him has always being an inspiring things, I sometime wonder with the wealth of knowledge that this man have had on theater, why is that no national institution, like the university made this man the head of their theater faculty...It would have been great if He had been leading such an institution for the training of our local lovers of the arts....Till now I am still wondering...Well like all good man whose passion for works for the things he loves over took everything else in life, status does not matter to him at all...He just love his works in theater...That I belief have being his life long works, giving the country his wealth of knowledge of theater that no one else could...And I believe He did and its shows in the outcomes of the numbers of great actors and actress in various field that are in the theatrical scene in this country now...He was one of the early writer on theater in the Local newspaper, His column 'Utih' is the NST [New Straits Time] is one of the best that I had every read and I believe there are no replacement after he stop writing that column, after doing so for more the twenty years...He just write wherever he could, in a number of instance,He would just borrow a typewriter in my office and do the writing just there..He must has thoughts of all the idea and store it in his head all the time and when he is with the typewriter in my office, he would rattled it all in just a few minutes and then off it goes to the NST office for submission for this column, and sure enough it would be printed all in the next 'Utih' column...Another aspect of his life that not many took notice or know, is that the Man never drive a car but yet he could get anywhere with ease by making the public transport system especially the taxi an extension of himself...So getting to anywhere to him is simple. A transport especially a taxi would transported him from A to B or anywhere else with ease..Till this days I still do not know why he never drive a car...But it does not matter... Well that is his life and he did it his way...Like he always did... An inspiring man indeed...When I first notice the news on AP on the internet, I sank and felt his missing and then call a friend to just talk, I really miss this Man of theater...He is one of a kind not easy to replace... He is a giant in his own right...To me He is truly a great friend, who in a way effect my life and like all his friend we all miss him dearly...Goodbye my friend. May you find a place in heaven...Amen..

Friday, April 29, 2005

Mandarin and Tamil

I am indeed glad that the government have decided to introduce this two languages in all National School Sekolah Kebangsaan soon...I have written about this before and was hoping that this two important languages of the other Malaysian be taught to all Malaysian in the National School...The decision by the government as announced by the Prime Minister this week [NST,April 26} is indeed a bold step in the right direction...It has been the hopes of every parents to have their children know more then one languages. With the introduction of Mandarin and Tamil in the National School, the future Malaysian would be able to communicate in four languages, that are Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil...My hope that my grandchildren would be the first of this new generation of Malaysian that could converse in these language...What a way to go for the future of Malaysia....In the spirit of Malaysia Boleh Malaysian can do it...The future of this multi racial country would be very bright indeed...

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Those were the days...

Oh what a life the blogging world bring, nostalgic, reading Awanggoneng's blog bring back memories of the past...For my generation reliving the past in our mind from time to time is just like going into cyberspace, beautiful, color and wonder with endless possibilities, the difference is that we are back in time, like going into a time machine and be there to witness the happening in real time..How I wish the machine in the book Timeline by Michael Crichton is a reality, ...But then when one look at the damaged done now in the name of development, I became sick, real sad indeed. I grew up on the coastal town of Kuantan in the forties, went to school just after the war....Had a wonderful time as a child in this small coastal town once call Teruntun...A small town with a coastal port, where ships from other parts of the world stop from time to time. There were then two streets, the Main Street and the Wall Street...The Wall street is name after one of the British District Officer, a Mr.Wall...It is a well laid town, with a big green[common] surrounded by trees...On one side of this common are the government offices, that includes the District Office, The Public Works Department and the Court House...This institutions have their own building that still stand till this days...The British administration plan the town well...Situated beside the Kuantan river is a garden, with green and colorful flowers, well maintains and nearby is the PCCL Head Quarters, a big British company that had concession to mine for tin in Sungei Lembing...The largest load tin mine in the world at that time...There are of course the clubs, the European Club, The Kuantan Recreation Club or KRC and a Malay Club, The European Club were exclusive for the European only, the others had to use the KRC and as for the Malay a small club was built for their activities...The Non Malay had their clubs all over the towns..The Malay Club is no more there now but the European and the KRC are still there...The name of the European Club has been changed to Kuantan club and membership are now open to all, the KRC is still there with its playing field [padang] still in use till these days...On the river bank sat a huge house,beautifully built facing east beside the Kuantan river...The home of the British Authority in the District of Kuantan then, the all powerful District Officer or the DO....I had the opportunity to visit this house and awe with excitement the first moment I step foot into the house being welcome by the Mrs. District Officer, an English lady...It was on a Job Week days where we the Boys Scout normally visit the DO's house to do odd jobs to collect money for the Scout Association Fund...We all are eager to do just that and would visit as many houses as possible to do odd jobs during the weeks.. In the early days there were only electricity at night and as far as I could remember it did not makes any difference, for that was living then and as we progress the town began to have new streets lighting...On the first day this huge new street lighting was lighted, we kids were delighted and we all crowd around the pole to play under the lamp poles in front of our dad's shop...There were not many cars then, so it was alright for us kids to play in those 'new' light up area...Before the shop houses were fully supply with electricity, the refrigerator were fuel by kerosene, One had to light a kerosene lamp below the frig, to start the process of storing energy...Life was simple then, so who really need electricity to live then..There was no TV or radio then, so when evening comes, it is time to get home and have dinner and then just goes to sleep or study under the 'bright' oil lamp and then off you goes to sleep...That was life and no one complain...And of course no bills to pay, like now....Those were the days...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Well it has been a great week, the weather had been good, it rain sometime and then sunshine with clear blue sky...Remember this is the tropic...It is hot and humid all the days...I guess that is one reason the Asian seem to be younger then their age.. True most European when told of our age, thought that we are joking, we all look young then our counter part of the same age that come from the temperate zone...So in a way the humid weather is a plus point for folks that live in this part of the world....In Malaysia for example life expectancy have risen pass seventy, but then most of them look younger for their age...Folks please be careful with this statement, do let the brain rule rather then your heart...For what the heart want sometime the physical body just would not be able to carry on...So do take your age into consideration when making any decision, remember looking younger then your age does not mean you are not that old....Like any things that are old, it aged with time. One thing that I know for sure is that it brought wisdom...For both of us, with our children have grown up, we are taking life easy and doing things that we both love to do, like interior decoration, travel and shopping...So with all the time in the world, with a good pension that we enjoyed, we often travel either inward and overseas, to see as much of the country and the world when our body still could takes to traveling...My spouse love to shop, so shopping at the Mall is one of our past time....With the city booming and became just like those cities in the west, everything could be got at the shopping Mall here, like at the KLCC, the One Utama, the IKANO, the Curve, the Time square, so shopping have been a great pleasure...Just last week two other couples and Us went out together to have breakfast at a great Mamak [Indian Moslem] food court at Melawati...It is call the NZ...It has a large screen showing projected movie in the evening and on weekends the whole food courts were crowded with people having breakfast with their families in one spot...The food spreads includes, the famous Roti Canai, Tosei, Brayani [mutton, Beef and Chicken] and additional spices fish curry cooked the mamak style and of course all that goes well with the Malaysian special, the Teh Tarik [Hot steamy tea mixed with condensed milk]...It taste real good with those spread of breakfast....We the three couples, decided to start the day at this food court, so we met there and sat to enjoy our spread of that breakfast...We enjoy our breakfast, interplay with joke and small talk...Looking around I saw hundreds of people of all age groups merrily having their weekend breakfast at this joint...I never new there are that numbers of people having their breakfast outside their home...I guess it is a new way of life for city folks nowadays..After the breakfast one of the couple, whose home is just nearby invited us to visit their house for a while before we proceed on our adventure of the day...Well, with all the time in the world, we accepted their invitation and went for a short visit to the house, we sat at the lounge and met their daughter and son and then sat to chat along on subjects that pop up from time to time....As usual folks like us just yarn along..Careless of the time...And then we decided to proceed to IKEA at Damansara Mutiara [this place is once known as Sungei Pencala] The name Damansara have more commercial value then Sungai Pencala, thus this place is rename as Damansara Mutiara...The New IKEA is at its own building having move out of One Utama...This IKEA is the biggest in this part of the world, outside China...We decided to drive in two cars with me taking the lead, I took the elevated highway and proceed to the newly complete Sprint highway toward Damansara, passing through two toll gates, one at the elevated highway and the either at the Sprint Highway...The weather continue to be good and the traffic was not that bad too..It flows...After a while we arrived at IKEA, drove straight to the parking lots below the IKEA complex...There were ample parking spaces at both level One and Two...We decided to park our cars at the first level and then move on to makes our way at this huge mall..IKEA..Both the other couples had never before being to this new IKEA complex, so to them it is indeed a new adventure and are as excited to venture on...As for my spouse and me, we love this place and have being here quite often, although it is about twenty five kilometer away from our home in Ampang Jaya...A great place to shops, getting ideas for interior decoration and enjoying the Swedish Foods, i.e. those Hotdogs and Meat balls and other delicious Swedish spreads...And of course those specially brewed coffee, drink all you could by paying just for a cup..One interesting about this shopping mall is that it is divided into two section, the first part on the upper level is the demonstration venue, where all the products for sale are cleverly displayed to win over the visitors/consumers...We went to the upper level for our adventure of the day but before that we decided to organized ourselves first, lest we got lost in the thousand of shoppers in this huge mall...Technology was with us, voila... The cell phone came in handy...With that we may browse freely as we like and meet again at some place using our cell phone for contact...Without the cell phone we would all have to tack along all the way, not to get lost...Since the cell phone became an extension of us human, it has made living more flexible and productive...With that we start to explore the wonder of modern living, everything on display seem to be great and how we wish we could buy all and take home to redo the whole home setting..But then it would be just impossible...For live does not work that way...We feast our eyes with all those things so well displayed by those Malaysian and Swedish professionals and move on and on. Everything under the sun are there on this floor...Soon we began to part company and are on our own to look and admire all those beautiful things that are designed by the Swede and made in all parts of the world....A truly capitalist system at works...By lunch time we met again at the far end of the upper level and decided to stop at the huge Swede food courts of a sorts, strategically place before the step that would take you to the Market Place below, where you could do all your purchases.....We found a table and went to que for food...And then sat down to enjoy the spreads that makes up of Fish and Chips, Meat Balls, Salmon Fish and some cold drinks and of course the coffee...In between someone would throw a few jokes that make everyone laugh, so loud that the others nearby look at us with curiosity, what's those crazy old folks are laughing about...Well it is fun to share those old jokes that are still clear in our mind...Just like the old days where we joke in between drinks at the bar...After a while we decided to get to the Market Place down stair and look for things to buy home, it is always like that at IKEA, one never fail to get something .... We browse along those array and array of things that ' you could live without it' but then it is these beautiful works of arts that makes life colorful and interesting, so in a way to get a better quality of life, you have eventually live with all those things that are all over this market place for the taking, soon your cart would be full of all those 'junks' and happily you proceed on and before you knew it, there in front of you a small coffee shop with light refreshment and snacks... The smell of brewed coffee makes me stop and together we got a table and sat to enjoy the break, a coffee/tea break of a sorts...And to makes things easy for everyone there is also the wash room nearby, spot clean as usual...Those people that designed this Market Place are real smart in that they thoughts of everything to delay you getting to the check out counter.....We took the rest to gain energy after the long walk, chat lightly, then move forward to do more browsing and after more then an hours, we got to the Cashier counter, there were a huge crowd there, que up to pay for the 'damage done'....We did just that and guess what!...Just on the other side of the Cashier counter, set another snack bar for refreshment and snacks..And a small shop that sells ready to eat biscuit, chocolate, Cheese etc made in Sweden...Well the smell of coffee again..Just could not stop me from sitting down for another round of drinking and eating...We que up again and order the Curry puff and the usual coffee,tea and enjoy the special Curry puff that only IKEA did that good, really...It is real special...With that we end our adventure of the day...Well satisfied and enjoyable....

Monday, April 25, 2005

This is the new shopping complex at Mutiara Damansara, The Curve, Tesco and IKEA Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

I had this Dalca for lunch today, it is a completely vegetarian Dalca... With steamy white rice and ikan gelama masin goreng salted fish fried crisp to go, it makes a wonderful lunch...Normally Dalca are made with beef, mutton or chicken..But for a healthier diet, we decided on the vegetarian Dalca...It taste as good, in fact better...Tempting Eh!...I am indeed lucky to have a great other half, who love to cook...Have a nice day... Posted by Hello

a close up of this delicious spicy Vegetarian Dalca... Posted by Hello

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Awang...That's the only name that I know, when I was a child growing up on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, I am known just as Awang to my family and my friends in the Kampong where we live...My Dad and Mom call me Awang and no other name, so are my brothers and sisters, they are call me by this name Awang. So to me I am Awang to all that I know...For I know not of any other name other then Awang until...I was taken by my father to be registered at a Malay school in Kuantan, the school was then known as Sekolah Melayu Teruntun, Kuantan...It is only at this school that I know that my real name is Idrus and not Awang...So I was enrolled in the school as Idrus and hence forth being call by this name in school and officially but at home among families members I am still call Awang and when I talk to my relatives I always refer myself as Awang and not Idrus....I like the name Awang but then officially it is not my name, I am officially known as Idrus...A name as stated in my birth certificate.....[ In those days all documents, like birth certificate were kept by your parent for safe keeping and you are not allow to see any of this documents, so to you it do not exist ]..Well as years goes on I just forgot about using this name except of course when I am among my own family, my sisters and brothers and all those old folks in my Kampong...Of late I began to tell my children and grandchildren of this names but then at this age being call Atuk and Abah became so beautiful and passionate and love...That I would just trade all the names in the world to be call just as Atuk, Abah, Pak Busu, Pak long, Pak Cik, Uncle, Pak Idrus, Pak Awang...At this period of my life being addressed in such a manners bring pride and honor that non could replaced...Coming back to the name Awang that was Me once,as a child growing up..It was just too nice then to be call by your loving parent by any other names...Today it is different, the child are told of their real names at an early age and some are even taught to spell His/Her name and when ask what is His/Her name, the little child would just say it in His/Her way out right, when ask what is the name of the mom and dad, they in that instance could say all...So and so binti [daughter of[ or bin [son of] so and so...During my time as a child, we do not even know the real name of our mother and father, we know them as Mak or Ibu and Ayah or Abah...Like the incident recently about my spouse, She is known as Mak Busu in her Kampong and when a relative want to send her an invitation card, they did not know her name, so they call and only then that they really know her real name ' the telephone conversation " Nama Mak Busu apa " an irony yet but true, that my dear friends is part of our culture...The same with my Sister and brother just their nick names...Only when it is time for schooling that we were told of the real name of our love one...But then that was the way of life then and now it is different all together....It look like in just three generation things has change a lots...anyway that is life, our species have indeed progress fast and in the process changes happen without us really noticing it, what during this imformation age...every information are share across the globe at the speed of light... Have a nice day....

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The yellow.... Posted by Hello

The red... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A reader to my blog say that we often miss all those small happening that concern our kids when we were raising them...Too often we miss some of those great moments in their life, just because we were so busy making a living...There are time when we left for the office, they are still asleep and that when we return late, the have all gone to sleep...So in a way we miss them the whole days, if something important happen on this days, then surely we would have miss those moments that makes life so wonderful....I guessed it happen to all of us and only after they all have grown up and have children that we began to recollect those lost moments when we watch our grandchildren as they grows in front of our eyes...Like the happening of little Adibah that I relate recently...And recently another happening just pop up when our youngest grandson Azib, after a few bite of the brownie that I had bought, look up at her grandmother and blur " Nenek tak'da kacang " Grandma, No nuts in the brownie that he ate...It just surprise me, since I bought those brownie that they all love to eat..I had bought before two type of brownie, one with hazel hut and the other plain, so this time without thinking I just bought the plain one and did not realized that these kids do know the difference of these brownie...I never thought like that, so when He say that this brownie did not have Nuts...I was amused and surprised...When the grandma tell me of this incident, I just laugh and now I no longer take thing for granted when buying foods, like cookies or cakes for those grand's, they are indeed smart and knows the quality as well...Like the other day we bought some Swede biscuit from IKEA and gave them a few packages...The teens ages among them say that those biscuits were good and taste great...And told their grandma that when she go again to IKEA to get more of it...They knew the quality of such cookies, so they ask, if not they would not have ask for more, like all grand's, grandchildren makes the Nenek and Atuk [grandma and grandpa] ever willing to do just that and that it makes them real happy..It is only when dealing with grandchildren that we notice all the great moments that we might or would have lost when we were raising our children before..So to all those Ma and Pa that are raising their sibling now, do try to spend more time with them whenever you have the time or try to find the time or try to get quality time with them...I am sure you all would find that it is worth the time spend with all those kids and they in return would felt great of having a loving Mom and Dad around when they really needs them most..To share their thoughts and great moments together with their love one..Their dear Mom and Dad.. I am saying all this because I went through all the development of living as I journey on in life and now in my golden age,surrounded by children and grandchildren and other love one, I want others to know that there are more to being a family then just having kids.. It is those small things that happen in real life that make living so wonderful...So try to be there when they really need you most...Small happening and things do make a differences... That is life.....We are always on the move, there are no way of reliving those great moments again, other then being there when it happen..Those memories would linger on and on, making live so wonderful and beautiful...

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Scene at a shopping mall...the kabaya is making a come back... Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I did not blog yesterday, it is like that some time, anyway I was in cyberspace as usual and read a number of blogs and came across a blog by a young lady lawyer...She had this small Kancil car and she took it on the highway and drove it fast, faster then the speed limit of one hundred and ten kilometers per hour and she say she is as yet satisfied with the performance of this little car...I just could not understand the attitude of this lady, first she broke the speed limit and being a lawyer she should know the law better, then most of us and then she was driving this Kancil, a small Japanese care adapted by Malaysian and assemble by a local company and gave it a local brand name, Kancil, a mouse deer...And I believe this car was made for the city only and not for highway, it has a small capacity engine....Since this lady lover to drive fast I suggest that she get a BMW or a Honda or a Toyota that had the right engine to suit her driving need and moreover it is safer then the little Kancil on the highway.... As I write this an email arrived from my dear friend in the UK...Thanking me for sending him the Malay movie Sepet...To me this film is among the best produce in this country so far, it is a truly Malaysian movie...A tale of everyday life in a multi cultural Malaysia... Once in a while we get such good local Movie and for those that has yet to see this movie, do take the trouble to get the VCD and watch it in the comfort of your home...Actually I send it as a surprise to my friend in the UK, for I love to do just that from time to time. Making the life of everyone more interesting...A surprise always add color to the daily ritual of real life happening...Friends have a nice day

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Jeram Besu, Raub, Pahang Posted by Hello

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I visited a cyberfriend's blog today and guess what ?.. She was talking about the small house behind the big house, it use to be the small house behind the big house but now it has graduated and move from outside the house, to inside the house and now into our bedroom, what a progress for this very important and essential tool or appliance of our species, for without it life would be in a big mess indeed and I believe we just could not live without it anymore now...For my generation, in the beginning there was no such thing as the small house behind the big house, folks just do it wherever they like, in bushes, near the beaches or anywhere people are not looking, the best time they do it is at night or early morning... Those folks have programmed their system so good that they do not have to do it during the day or when they are away from their home or kampong...They must have a great software at that time to do such programming..And as we progress they do it at the river, that is why the Malay say kesungai.. to the river...Well as we progress, like our lady say it became more sophisticated with all short of version and it comes in color too...I just had one of mine redesign and renovated and some children of friends told their mom and dad that mine is like those in the hotel, spot clean and beautiful...Well since we have invited it to be in our home and into our bedroom, we have to give it some dignity and took care of it with love...Remember it is a very important part of our life now, our culture and as we all know we just could not live without it anymore...Well, I read the blog just before lunch and the way she describe it, I almost lost my appetite...But then looking at the one in my home...I felt good and my appetite came back....Well life is like that...Friends see that you keep it in good condition all the time and it should also, not only look good but smell good as well...The once small house behind the big house has progress far indeed in such a short time of our history....What an achievement of our species...I wrote about this some years ago in my blog and today this Lady it with color...Great...Have a nice day....

Monday, April 11, 2005

Streamyx or the broadband services provided by Telekom Malaysia was down for a few days...It was just down and not out...There was an apology statement from Telekom Malaysia TMnet and yet there were hue and cry from some internet users, who were very sarcastic in blaming the service provider for the breakdown of service...I just do not understand that some people whom I except to be intelligent, should be so angry with Telekom Malaysia for those fault in the service of the broadband...We all must understand that technology has its problems and it is not prefect and we all should take its in stride and not to come to any conclusion as to why the service was down...We should at least appreciate what the service provider were trying to explain and taking action to restore the service to its full strength....As for me I am glad that we are provided with such service and I take the up and down of the service as part of the system, for nothing is perfect in this world, moreover the internet technology is still evolving...So the next time try to be more patience and appreciate what others are trying to do for our own benefit....

Sunday, April 10, 2005

What a glorious day, a clear blue sky and this gorgeous flower to ponder and enjoy.... Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 09, 2005

They say that never change horse in mid stream, well I have no real answer about that, so people do change horse in mid stream and get to the other side safely, but we can never tell, the truth would only be known later after you try to change horse...When I was training youth I always tell them to ' cross the bridge first ' and then think of what to do next...For I believe if you do not try you would never know...But before doing just that, if you must act smart, for only the smart would survived....Like you must know the Known factors first and for this you have to study the situation and collect data, evaluate it and then make the decision and once you have done that you have to go for it, for it is your decision to change horse...Why must you change horse...You have to answer that yourself, for you surely have a strong reason for wanting to change horse, whatever you do, remember you are in the mid of a stream...If you fall and could not get to the other horse, then you would at least have tried and this is still not the end of the story....For a fall mean that you would have the opportunity to get up, for only a person that has fallen knows the real meaning of getting up...In a training session that I conduct for youth leaders, I always remind trainee that Jatuh itu adalah untuk English is 'takes the fall as an experience to raised up' for if you do not fall, how then could you know the value of raising up....So whatever you want to do in mid stream, do it careful, after careful analyzing all the facts.... Well... use you brain rather then your heart... for a smart decision would let you to a new pasture... for the better, but then non of us could fortell the future.... Good luck.... nothing venture nothing gain....

Friday, April 08, 2005

On a magnetic sticker..written this words of inspiration " God couldn't be everywhere, so He made Grandmas ".... To ponder.......Have a nice day....

Thursday, April 07, 2005

So many things came to my mind as I blog this...Yesterday was different..And the day before I had to do a sorts of a national service for my daughter, who had to go to Jakarta for a seminar, I was to help to get their children to the kindergarten and for tuition classes...These are errant that I do sometime when I am call for...for I never want to get bog down sending the grand's here and there...I believe that it is their parents duties to raised their sibling the way they like and take full responsibility for there daily chore...Nenek and Atuk [grandma and grandpa]would come to help when in the time of needs, like the other day where I had to pick little Adibah from the kindergarten and get the elder girls and a boy to the music classes....I love doing this from time to time and the grand's seem to love being send by their grandpa...But not as a regular duty, for I need my freedom to do what I like...For retirement means a lots to me...I want to be in control of the time, where times is mine and I am able to do what I like with it, careless of the world... We told our children that Nenek and Atuk would always be there when you are in need of helps....Lucky for us they live not very far our home, so it was easy to get to help from time to time...The same with those greats kids, they love to 'lepak'[spend their time] at our home, took over the TV's channels and my computers...In a way they took over everything but like all Nenek and Atuk, we love those moments when they are around....These kids are really godsend, making us happy all the time....When they go back home to their domain, our house would be quiet again but then that is the way it is with us......Life goes on as usual, until a grandchild call on the telephone asking the Nenek to cook their special for the next day meals, even little Adibah and her younger brother, little Azib order through the phone, talking to Nenek in their language, that they want nenek to cook this or that...As usual Nenek would go out of her way to get those things done for her grand's....Nothing makes the Nenek happier then making the grands happy...She could be tired but for the sake of her grands, she would get it done with all the love and happiness....That is why I always advice young couple to have children early and to have more then one...For it is the young in the family, children or grandchildren that would bring more love to the family, then that already exist between themselves, husband and wife...Well friends...I am indeed glad that the short story of our little Adibah bring joy to so many peoples who visited my blog...Much as I love to write, I am indeed delighted that it touches others, making the lives of everyone so beautiful and meaningful....Thanks and Have a nice day...

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

These colorful clogs in a shop in the city of historical items of the past, still in use today...just for the fun of using....that is life... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Thank you Atuk [grandpa], my petite granddaughter say to me this morning after sending her home.. After picking her from the kindergarten this morning, It struck me hard and deep and it jolts me to happiness that I had never felt before...My own, our little Adibah, that is just five years old, attending an English language kindergarten in Ampang Jaya, cheerful and all smile saying that words to her grandpa, really makes my days and it is small things like this that make life so beautiful, especially for me in my golden age....Maybe she was just practicing her English but saying that "Thank You" in simple English to Me at the right place and moment, was just too great...To happen, in a world where government had to spend millions to put up advertisement on the Mass Media to teach the populations Moral and Etiquette...This little kindergarten in Ampang Jaya call the "little Cottage" taught little Adibah the language of love, making her to understand and use it at the right moment...Those people at the kindergarten should be commended for their effort...And of course their parents that makes it happen, for the love they have gave to this little girls, making her so well behave and cheerful all days ....My little Adibah....

I am indeed glad that the Malaysian Prime Minister, Datuk Sri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has decided to send two Ministers to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II at the Vatican this Friday...they are the Ministers,Datuk Dr.Abdullah Mohd Zin [Religious Affairs]and Tan Sri Benard Giluk, [Public Service] both from the Prime Minister Department...They both would represent the Government of Malaysia and the people of Malaysia at the funeral..Personally I would like to convey my condolence to all the Catholic all over the world, who has lost a great leader of our time....May the new Pope to be elected would continue the good works of the Late Pope John Paul II...

Monday, April 04, 2005

It is interesting how things works on this planet of ours, how amazing when you think of events that makes your life so beautiful and interesting...Like the other day, during the period the Tsunami that struck Southeast Asia, A Frenchman from a land a far got connected with me...The Tsunami events is a tragedy but like everything in life there are always the black and white of life...And as I had always believe that stranger are friends that you have yet to meet...True...This Frenchman eventually met Me in Malaysia...In Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, He was not alone when we met, He was with a charming French lady...All French...For she did not speak English...She only spoke French...With the French that I once learn and today rather rusty and still could remember.. I understood a little bits of what she was explaining but then it was her attitude and smile that say it all...What a charming lady...I believe that is why my new friend, the Frenchman had this charming lady as his close friend...Jack.. That is life and I always believe that the more friends we have the happier we would be...So to all my dear friends all over the world, go on makes friends, you have nothing to loose but more to gain in making friends with strangers and it would surely enriched your life...Just like it did to me...In today's world we can get connected through the internet in cyberspace and if it had to be, we would actually meet in person one of these days...Like my meeting the Frenchman from Brittany France....Life is like that, meeting people and exchanging ideas makes life more beautiful and productive....Have a nice day...Hey! Ken...Remember How we met..In 'Feri Malaysia' some years ago... How are you doing with the 'roti canai' project...Keep trying and I believe you would get it right one of these days...Take care....

Sunday, April 03, 2005

[picture show the former Malaysian Prime Minister, Dr.Mahathir Mohamad with the Pope, when He made a visit to the Vatican]...The demise of yet another great man of our century, the death today of Pope John Paul II at the age of eighty four...A great man indeed, who in a way was responsible for the collapse of communism and freed the whole of old Europe from the dread communism. As a leader of the world, He has contributed toward peace and prosperity for the people of the world, reaching across religious boarders and preaching the truth and peace for all mankind...May His soul find a place in Heaven....Amen

Why do I blog ? Well to answer that simply is that my mind is always active and thought always flows when I write and as usual I love to share my thought with other, so what a better way then using the internet and that mean blogging...So not to get into trouble with the authority...I blog with caution..Only thoughts that I thought would not stir the hornet nest I would published....Some that I have written just for the sake of getting my thoughts in writhing, I do not publish to avoid the wrath of the authority...Which are at time too sensitive toward certain issue that confront the Malaysian society.... Some bloggers have been arrest [ so far not in Malaysia] some have been questions but then that is the ways it is now with the freedom of speech in some countries...So blogging in a way allows you to enjoy the freedom of speech to the limit that allows you, to share the thoughts with others and at the same time enjoy putting your thoughts in writing...In a way it is a means of communicating with the masses in cyberspace... A new media that has began to become somewhat a reality to bloggers... In blogging we come into contact with people all over the worlds, who share the same view and in doing so it helps to narrow the gap, making the world smaller then before....Reading others blogs help to increases your knowledge and at the same time makes your life richer and more beautiful...

Language and Education have always being a sensitive issue in this country...Now the subject of Chinese School crop up again..It seem that the Chinese community want more Chinese Language school in the ninth Malaysian Plan [Malaysia five years development Plan]...As far as I am concern it is a no issue, for I believe that any race that makes the Malaysian society can continue to have as many of their language school as possible, for school in whatever languages are asset to the country...Moreover the medium of instruction of Chinese School is the Mandarin Chinese language...A world language, not just a communicative language but a language of knowledge as well...Unlike the Malay language which is a rather new language, is a communicative language for all Malaysian, but as far as knowledge is concern it is just as yet to be one...It is now the National Language of Malaysia and medium of instruction in all national school. In recent years because of the poor command of English and difficult to acquire knowledge from most books that are written in English...English is being reintroduce in all national schools in the teaching of Science and mathematic and the result of the final year examination this year look promising and the government is going to make the teaching of English in Science and mathematic as a permanent feature in all national school by two zero zero eight.....I hope the political leader would not turn this demand into an issue that would divide the society but instead look at this language issue as something that is going to stay forever in a multiracial country like Malaysia....Since Mandarin is an important language, why not introduce this language in the national school, by doing so all Malaysian would be able to speak another world language and making the Malay students speak a Chinese Language as well...Today a Chinese students could speak Malay, Chinese and probably English but most Malay students could only speak the Malay language and a little of English but none could speak Mandarin or any of the other Chinese dialect, so in a way it is the Malay that is loosing in the language and Education game....If at all there are Malay that could speak English or Mandarin, the numbers are indeed negligible...So I hope the political leaders could open up their mind and look forward and make the right decision for the sake of the future of Malaysia.....Remember for Malaysian to succeed in globalization, additional languages are assets that would prove valuable in international commerce and trade....So Let us open up our mind and be realistic about the world we live in....

Saturday, April 02, 2005

We invited a couple for dinner last night...They arrived just after eight and we sat to have dinner...My spouse had been preparing this dinner and indeed she was happy that they accept our invitation to have dinner with us...We love to host dinner from time to time and enjoy the company of friends at our home. Cooking have been a sorts of a hobby of my dear wife..She love to cook and tonight we all are enjoying her cooking...As usual we chat a little while enjoying the food, consist of the usual rice and dishes such dalca, fried mixed vegetables, fried salt fish, friend chicken traditional style, a special taufoo mixed, salad and some of this and that...After the main course we had dessert of strawberry.. A favorite of our friends and me...We sat at the lounge and continue to enjoy the dessert and coffee, tea...Talk about old times while continuing to enjoy the tit bits of foods and fruits...Our friends had brought some Durian and with that we had another addition to the spread of fruits for the after dinner enjoyment....